Yellow Vest protests kick up in France again

“Yellow vests” (gilets jaunes) protestors take part in an anti-government demonstration in downtown Lille, northern France, on January 5, 2019. – The “yellow vest” movement began in rural France over fuel taxes and quickly ballooned into a wider revolt against the 41-year-old president’s pro-business policies and perceived arrogance by low-paid workers and pensioners. (Photo by Philippe HUGUEN / AFP)

Paris (dpa) Numerous protesters from the Yellow Vest movement took to the streets of France again on Saturday to protest the economic and social policies of President Emmanuel Macron.

Details about the number of participants were not immediately available.

While the protests were initially largely peaceful, tensions between the security forces and demonstrators were particularly high in Nantes in the west of France and in Lyon in the south-east of the country, where the police used tear gas.

The authorities had warned in advance about the potential for rioting in both cities.

According to the Interior Ministry, not fewer than 19,000 demonstrators participated in the Yellow Vest protests on May 4, with 40,000 organisers.

The Yellow Vests have been demonstrating against the reform policies of Macron and the centrist government since mid-November.

Initially, up to 250,000 people took part in the protests nationwide, which often turned violent, with clashes between demonstrators and the security forces.

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