‘We’ll implement NEITI reports on oil & gas industry’


Chairman, Senate Committee on Public Account, Senator Ahmed LawanThe National Assembly on Monday expressed its determination to ensure the implementation of the Nigeria Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (NEITI) audit reports on the oil and gas industry.
Chairman, Senate Committee on Public Account, Senator Ahmed Lawan, disclosed this in Abuja at a roundtable meeting on remediation issues in the oil and gas industry audit reports.
“All of us regardless of our political persuasion must support and believe in the full implementation of NEITI reports, “he said.
He expressed concern on the nation’s oil wells, saying that it has not brought the desired good to the well being of the citizens. Lawan said that the implementation of the report would bring full benefits embedded in the oil and gas sector to Nigerians.
“If good governance were to exist and deliver to Nigerians what is right to us in oil and gas, then NEITI reports must be taking seriously. We must preach and practice accountability, probity and transparency in the industry for a better result,” he said.
He stressed the need to redefine the engaging process between NEITI and the National Assembly to present the report before the plenary and ensure its proper consideration.
Lawan decried a situation where government officials would describe the resolution from the National Assembly as mere advice.
“The NEITI reports are a well thought out and research from the investigated facts; we should therefore take the reports with all seriousness and deal with them. Because if we cannot deal with them properly, the outcome is what we have today. Insecurity everywhere, corruption is the order of the day, whether it is the one defined or not. We have determined as a committee, and I will take this message to the senate, especially those committees that are very germane in dealing with the course of NEITI,” he said.
According to him, the National Assembly is going to have a better partnership and understanding with the NEITI. He said a clear date would be set with most of the committees to discuss how the report should be presented to the National Assembly.
The NEITI Chairman, Ledum Mitee, called on the National Assembly to expedite action on the passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB).This he said would strengthen NEITI roles in the sector.
“We may consider the option of calling for the unbundling of the PIB into separate Bills to ensure measurable progress in the passage of the needed reform legislations,” he said.

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