Venezuela seeks Nigeria, other countries’ support against U.S.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro

By Isaac Aregbesola

The Vice President of Venezuela, Aristibulo Almeida has called for the support of Nigeria and international community to prevail on the end attack and sanctions on his country.

Almeida said this on Thursday in Abuja at the “Venezuela Solidarity Campaign on U.S.- Hands off Venezuela”.

He said that U.S. government never recognised the government of Venezuela and started economic war against the country, adding that U.S. had vowed to starve the people of Venezuela.

The Vice President described the coercive measures and systematic and conscious strategy of the U.S against Venezuela as a massive violation of human rights of the Venezuelan people.

He alleged the blockage and confiscation of Venezuela’s financial assets by the U.S. in efforts to cripple its economy, adding that the blockage had also hindered the country’s capability to buy food and medicine for the citizens.

He described the U.S. attack as not against Venezuela alone but against the international community and also crimes against humanity.

Almeida who said that the Latin American people were equally under attack by the U.S. expressed confidence that Venezuela would defeat the U.S. action

The Cuba Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Carlos Sosa, in his remarks said there was need to rally support for Venezuela because the country’s agitation against the U.S. was a fight for all including African countries.

Sosa who spoke on behalf of other ambassadors at the event said that Venezuela would rather die than being on its knees to U.S.

He said Venezuela as a sovereign nation would want to protect its dignity against any external agenda.

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The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)
reports that countries represented at the rally include Cuba, Mexico, Syria, Angola, Sierra Leone, Palestine Algeria, Iraq, Indonesia, Iran and Namibia.

He called on African leaders not let down Venezuela or leave the battle for it alone, describing it as a battle for all.

“The Venezuela deserves the support, Venezuela has done a lot for Africa and Africa has to support Venezuela at this time to fight against sanction impose on Venezuela.

“Cuba will always support Venezuela in its fight against imposition of sanctions against Venezuela.

“The presence of the vice president inspired the solidarity of people of Latin America and Caribbean in support of Venezuela.

“We are in solidarity with the people and government of Venezuela to end the continuous blockage of Venezuela by the U.S. ,” he said.

“We support in the struggle of the Venezuelan people, it is historical.

“Therefore workers across the globe must offer support to Venezuela, we need our political support for the global solidarity,” he said

He said that the countries were aware of the alleged foreign aggression led by the U.S and attempts to impose anti people leadership on the country.

“The Nigerian labour movement aligns itself with other labour movements and allies across the world to support you and the Venezuelan people in your struggle against external aggression and interference.

“It is historical that we support the working people and leadership of Venezuela because your political system is people-oriented and supports the desires and aspirations of workers all over the world.

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“Therefore, workers across the globe must offer support to Venezuelans, even if limited to moral and political support as a token of our global solidarity,” he said.

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