Unpaid salary and the conspiracy against Osun State

Governor State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola presenting the State Emblem to the President, Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN), Mr. Kelechi Nwosu and his vice, Mr. Kayode Oluwasona, at a parley in honour of members of the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN) which rounded off its annual general meeting in Osogbo on Saturday. 26/072015. Photo: Sikiru Adeoye
Governor State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola presenting the State
Emblem to the President, Association of Advertising Agencies of
Nigeria (AAAN), Mr. Kelechi Nwosu and his vice, Mr. Kayode Oluwasona,
at a parley in honour of members of the Association of Advertising
Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN) which rounded off its annual general
meeting in Osogbo on Saturday. 26/072015. Photo: Sikiru Adeoye

By Lateef Raji (olulateef@gmail.com)


Osun State is one of the 24 States currently contending with the challenge of unpaid workers’ wages. Unsurprisingly, the State’s workers are meanwhile on an indefinite strike action over same issue.


Consequently, things are a bit more complicated for the people and government of the State. Dealing with dwindling revenue, unpaid salaries and labour unrest is certainly not what any progressive and people-oriented government hopes for. Forlornly, the way things currently stand; this is what the Osun State Government has to contend with.


It is, however, rather painful that while the Osun State Government is making constructive and strategic efforts to ensure that all issues relating to the unpaid salaries are addressed (the government has actually begun the process of offsetting part of the unpaid salaries), there seems to be a politically motivated plot and a groundless campaign of calumny against the State Government.


From the reprehensible activities of some self-styled  ‘activists’ and emergency ‘friends’ of Osun, one is tempted to conclude that those that were rejected at the polls by the good people of Osun have suddenly seen an opportunity to hide behind the unpaid salary matter to cause confusion in the state.  Like a bolt from the blues, some of them suddenly found their hitherto silenced voices. And they are not just talking; they are actually singing like a red-eyed Vireo bird which sings more than 20,000 songs a day.


In their hypocrisy and desperate pursuit of political vendetta, together with their co-travellers in the mischievous contrive to ridicule the State Government, these unprincipled elements have continued to shamelessly trade in blatant and unfounded lies against the government. Their mission is simple: To distract the State Government and confuse the good people of the state.  However, like it is with all dubious individuals who love to play to the gallery, it is not surprising that these men are attempting to bounce to reckon on the platform of the current Osun workers’ salary issue  in a very irresponsible and puerile manner.


What is, perhaps, quite absurd is their proclivity for rumour mongering and peddling of falsehood. How on earth could any reasonable person accuse Ogbeni Aregbesola, whose major selling point is his integrity and sincerity of purpose, of fraud? It needs to be stressed that Ogbeni Aregbesola has run, perhaps, the most prudent and transparent government in the country, thus far. In order to save cost and get the much-needed  funds, which were subsequently committed into judicious use for common good of the state, the governor, for nearly a year, during his first term in office, did not constitute a cabinet.


Through this astute imitative, the government  made a few savings that were used in uplifting public education, agriculture, job creation, road construction, culture and tourism, environmental sanitation and beautification, flood control, rural development among others. Almost a year into the first anniversary of his re-election, he is yet to constitute his cabinet,

honoring the pact he reached with the workers.


What this pseudo  ‘activists’ and unfriendly ‘friends’ of Osun did not tell the public is that what is happening in Osun is not peculiar to the state alone. About 23 other States and, indeed, the federal government, are experiencing same harsh economic reality. For the record, Osun State, which received five billion naira as monthly allocation in February 2013, got a mere N466 million in April, 2015! This aptly captures the dire financial strait of the state and the country as a whole. But, these peddlers of falsehood won’t tell their audience this. Since their intent is devilish and callous, Osun must be singled out for constant persecution and needless ridicule.


Ironically, it was the sixteen years’ reign of the People Democratic Party, PDP, that anti people’s platform which these defective individuals represent, and in particular, the six-year reign of former President Goodluck Jonathan that actually plunged our beloved nation into the present economic and financial mess. It is common knowledge that Dr. Jonathan ran a truly clueless, visionless and the most corrupt government in the history of the country.


Under his watch, the nation’s foreign reserve was recklessly depleted. Like never before; corruption  became the order of the day during Jonathan’s tenure. When the President of a country affirms on national television that ‘stealing is not corruption’, you don’t need to be a prophet to know that such a country is in trouble. The truth, however, is that our economy is actually in trouble courtesy Jonathan and the PDP years of gross misrule.


It must be stressed that prior to the dawn of this present national economic predicament, Osun State has faithfully discharged its responsibilities to its workers.  For a period of not less than 30 months, there was no record of rancorous moment with its workers. Indeed, the state, despite its lean purse is one of the few states in the country that paid its workforce a 13th-month salary every December. The government has equally helped to develop the local economy.


For instance, the uniforms of pupils and students in all public schools in the state are sourced and produced locally. This has brought about a perceptible boom in the local fabric and fashion industry in the state. Equally, local contractors have been given a great boost as they handle most of the State Government construction works.  Artisans, especially at Osogbo, the capital, would readily attest to the fact that things have never been this rosy for them as a result of the unprecedented patronage they currently enjoy from the State Government.  The free meal program for primary school pupils also offers local entrepreneurs sufficient opportunities to make ends meet.


It has, therefore, become imperative for Osun State workers to call off their strike, team up with the governor to find a lasting solution to the financial crisis bedeviling the state. Their cause is a justified one, and they deserve their wages, but the strike option would only worsen the parlous financial situation of the state. It is simply a counter-productive alternative. Since, the State Government did not hide the facts concerning the finances of the state from them; the rational thing to do is to put faith in the already existing line of communication between

them and the State Government.


It is important to stress that the workers are part and parcel of the government of the state and as such are in prime position (especially those that work in the revenue sector) to come up with viable strategies that would help shore up the State’s IGR. The State’s civil servants need to rise up in unison by encouraging every eligible resident of the state to fulfil his civic responsibilities of tax payment to the state, and ensuring that all collectable revenues are actually paid into government accounts.


Until this is effectively done, the state workers cannot be actually absolved of complicity in the current economic woes of the state.


  • Alhaji Lateef Raji is former Special Adviser, Information & Strategy, Lagos




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