UNILAG don unmasks student presented as notable scientist by ThisDay newspaper

Chibuihem Amalaha
Chibuihem Amalaha

A lecturer in the Chemical Engineering Department, University of Lagos, Tolulase O. Ajayi, has debunked claims by a student of the department, Chibuihem Amalaha, published by ThisDay newspaper about a scientific discovery, which proves that gay relationships were wrong.

Published in the newspaper’s Life & Style section, the story, “Science of Gay Marriage”, written by Charles Ajunwa painted Amalaha in golden colours as a scientist of note, who has proved through laboratory experiments that gay relationships were wrong.

But in a letter to ThisDay newspaper, an obviously angry Ajayi disclosed wrote: “I read, with disgust, a features article titled “Science of gay marriage” by Chibuihem Amalaha. The article, to say the least, makes a mockery of Scientific research and is capable of bringing your newspaper into disrepute. The claims made in the feature article are embarrasing, laughable and far from being scientific.

“Let me state categorically that I know Mr. Chibuihem Amalaha very well as an ASPIRING Chemical Engineer (he registered for a Post graduate DIPLOMA (a conversion course) in the Department of Chemical Engineering over six years ago and he is yet to complete the program. I know this because I serve as a lecturer in that department. This explains my interest in the article.

“I do hope you’ll publish this rejoinder to save the students and ex-students of the Department from being classified as half-baked chemical engineers. I will also suggest that in future, you confirm from credible scientists any claim of discovery or invention before being released for public consumption.”




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