UN launches 75th-anniversary dialogue



The United Nations has launched the largest and most inclusive conversation on the role of global cooperation in building a better future.

This is in preparation for its 75th anniversary and according to a statement from the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in Lagos, the initiative will see the UN spark dialogues throughout 2020 in diverse settings across the world.

The UN said that four innovative data streams would build the first-ever repository of crowd-sourced solutions to major global challenges.

“The UN75 dialogues together with a ‘One-minute Survey’ that anyone can take, opinion polling in 50 countries and artificial intelligence sentiment analysis of traditional and social media in 70 countries.

“These will generate compelling data to inform national and international policies and debate,’’ the statement said.

The Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, calling for the participation of all, said that no country no community was able to solve the complex problems of the world alone.

“We need to come together, not only to talk but to listen.

“It is absolutely essential that you all join the conversation because we need your opinion, strategies and ideas for us to be able to deliver better for the people of the world that we must serve,’’ Guterres said.

The statement added that the UN75 team was collaborating with a wide multi-sector network, including the UN Resident Coordinators, for a diverse and global reach and for dialogues to be convened in every country of the world.

“In a global listening exercise, with an emphasis on youth and groups not already engaged with the UN, the UN75 initiative aims to better understand expectations of international cooperation in light of pressing global challenges.

“The views and ideas that are generated will be presented by the Secretary-General, to world leaders and senior UN officials on Sept. 21, 2020, at a high-level event to mark the 75th anniversary. 

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