The unfolding mess in Ekiti State


The unfolding mess in Ekiti State



By Wale Adedayo



That former President Goodluck Jonathan deployed the security agents in a partisan manner does not mean President Muhammadu Buhari should do same now. What is going on in Ekiti State is wrong.



Yes, you can withdraw the security details of unelected officials. But withdrawing the security details of a sitting Governor is a violent violation of the right of those who elected him. So, if President Muhammadu Buhari should visit Katsina State towards an election in that state, his security details will be withdrawn?



But more than this worrying development is the partisan approach of the Nigerian Police Force towards Saturday’s gubernatorial election in Ekiti State. Why should you prevent PDP members from holding a rally, when even the blind and the deaf know election is only a few days away? Yet, the Police claim they are being neutral.



It is also tragic that tear gas could be fired into the Government House. It should not have happened. The amateur drone video about that tragic development on Youtube says a lot about the partisanship on the part of the Police. And that is not good for our young democracy.



Of course, some members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) are jubilating already that the treatment given Dr. Kayode Fayemi in 2014 is being passed down to Ayo Fayose. I’ll caution that we take things easy. The ONLY difference between security agents and civilians is their uniform, because once the civilian is aggrieved enough, he/she can also go for arms.



Many of those jubilating about the partisan posture of the security agents in Ekiti State today were critical of Dr. Bukola Saraki’s association with political thugs, who later became armed robbers. But these naive individuals conveniently forget that right from the First Republic, political groups, who felt cheated by the Central Government’s partisan deployment of security agents often ensure they have more than enough thugs on their payroll.



No matter the number of soldiers, policemen or DSS deployed, a determined political group with enough boys can successfully confront partisan law enforcement agents. It is to act like rebels, who depend on love towards them by the populace to take on the Government. And the security agents might be playing into Fayose’s hands in this regard, if indeed majority of Ekiti State residents support him.



Insecurity will heighten. Our democracy will lose ground. It will spread like a cancer to other states. The Action Group crisis did not start as a Regional crisis. But it snowballed to engulf the whole of Nigeria later, resulting into an avoidable civil war that cost us millions of lives.



The security agents MUST NOT be partisan. Barricading the Government House and stopping PDP rally, when INEC’s window about end of political rallies remains open, is deliberate partisanship. That should stop.



The aggrieved can resort to self-help. And, so far, the security services remain helpless in the face of security challenges across the country. Why the Nigeria Police Force want to instigate a crisis in Ekiti State remains baffling, to a man of God like me?



As some of us would say, it is TRUTH before CANT, no matter the side of the divide we belong to. Wetin concern me about illiterate Lubbers? But, Derio to those who understand!

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