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Washington: An energy-dominant U.S. is free from external shocks

By Daniel J. Graeber Washington (UPI) An energy-dominant United States means the country is self-reliant and isolated from countries that aim to use energy as a weapon,...

Bank of Canada: Oil and politics create growth obstacles

By Daniel J. Graeber (UPI) -- Lower commodity prices and political developments in Europe and the United States make for an uncertain economic future, the...

Nigeria’s refineries to resume production in July – NNPC

Lagos (AFP) - Nigeria's four refineries will resume production next month, a spokesman for the state-run oil group said Thursday, raising hope of an...

Israeli businessman sells $500,000 Congo oil exploration rights for $150 million

Israeli businessman, Dan Gertler, one of the world's most controversial mining tycoons, was back in the spotlight on Wednesday over his dealings in the impoverished...

London’s Financial Times urges audit of Nigeria’s missing oil billions

For more than a generation technocrats, politicians and oil men have wrestled over whether and how to go about strengthening oversight of Nigeria’s notoriously opaque...

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