Soldier of Christ helps Christians defeat ISIS in Iraq

Brett Felton armed and ready for war
Brett Felton armed and ready for war

You may recognize Brett Felton from an article we did in February of this year. It was from an ABC News report on how Brett was back in Iraq, fighting to defend Christians with the Dwekh Nawsha, a Christian militia protecting Assyrian Christians in Northern Iraq from ISIS.

Ted Shoebat interviewed Brett Felton a few days ago and what he said in the interview about the Kurds runs very contrary to what we know and believe about them. But it was something Brett felt he had to say, because he is dedicated to the truth, and wasn’t worried about the repercussions that could come from his words.

In short, Brett said that the Kurdish leadership was very corrupt and were not helping Christians as we had been told they were. He insists that this is not emblematic of all Kurds, that some are good people and would help Christians. But when it came down to fighting and defeating ISIS, the Kurds left the Dwekh Nawsha out to dry and abandoned them.


Not only that, he tells horrible stories of how some Christians had escaped Mosul which is under the control of ISIS, and when they fled to Kurdish areas, Kurdish soldiers turned them away only for them to be slaughtered by ISIS upon their return.

Normally, when someone leaves Mosul, they have to get three people in their family to vouch for them. If they have not returned in six days, ISIS will then kill the people that vouched for them.

The Christians who had fled Mosul did so without having anyone vouch for them, so no lives were in danger after their departure. But still, they were turned away by the Kurds and not allowed to enter Kurdish territory. Brett wouldn’t describe in detail what happened to the Christians, saying we all really know what happened to them – they were slaughtered.

As Ted points out from the video, Brett is putting his life on the line for Christians while many of us have no idea what’s going on:

“The world is abandoning us” Brett laments adding “and we need help, who is going to help us?” He later adds profound wisdom from above: “dying is the easiest thing you will ever do … I laugh at it … but the biggest battle of them all is making the world care”.

“Convincing the world to care is more difficult than being killed for Christ” says Brett.

He describes the material world and ends with a beautiful nugget: “how do you make a people care in the first world? They go to work, they have a Mercedes, and they have a BMW, they have a nice house, what do they want? Do you know why I cry? I don’t cry because my friends die – in this I rejoice in the Lord – I cry because people want a nicer car. People want a bigger house. People want th

is and that. They want everything that means nothing”.

Brett has moved on from Iraq and is now in Africa working to rescue Christians. If you want to contribute, you can do so below at his gofundme page:


The Right Scoop contributed $500 to Brett. As always, I would never ask you to contribute and me not do the same.

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