Our Creator and steadfastness are essential for victory



Wale Adedayo
Wale Adedayo

By Wale Adedayo

“Eleruwa a f’ota m’odi o,

Eleruwa a f’ota m’odi.

 Awa di Eleruwa,

A o ku mo,

Eleruwa a f’ota m’odi” – Excerpts from Odu Ifa Oyeku Ogunda


Rough translation:


“Eleruwa, the one who built walls with the enemy’s bullets,

Yes, Eleruwa built a defensive wall with bullets fired by enemy soldiers.

“From today, we assume Eleruwa’s status,

The enemy cannot kill us again,

We assume Eleruwa’s status from today,

No power of the enemy can kill us.” – Excerpts from Odu Ifa Oyeku Ogunda


I was not there. Neither was my dad or any of my ancestors. But the understanding given me by the spirit concerning Ifa’s words (in Odu Ifa Oyeku Ogunda) as regards Eleruwa’s victory is similar to the bravery displayed by the men of Alamo, Texas, United States, who fought gallantly and died defending their land. Help did not reach the men of Alamo on time, and the Mexicans, who outmanned and outgunned them, killed everyone. But instead of retreat or surrender the Americans stood their ground – it was fatherland or death. And they died, but secured their land.

Invaders bent on seizing Eleruwa’s land and fame came at him with all they had. Guns boomed everywhere around the great warrior. The sea of spent shells and bullets that could not fire formed a wall around Eleruwa with everyone in the enemy camp believing Baba had died despite his awesome spiritual prowess against bullets, bows and arrows or anything that can kill with Ogun (Yoruba god of iron) presence in it. Baba and those around him knew any of such things could not terminate his life, at least until that fateful day when they were overwhelmed by the enemy.

The enemies began dancing that the great Eleruwa has been killed in a hail of bullets. Who is it that can survive this heap of spent shells and the damage they would have done to the person’s body. Eleruwa, to them, was no more. They’ll mock him all through eternity. They’ll take over his fame – as many will accord them respect for killing a spiritual guru and warrior combined. His wives and children would become booty in the hands of these enemies. They were singing and dancing.

Suddenly, Baba sprang up on his feet with his fearsome look and shape firmly in place. He could not be a ghost, because nothing had changed in his appearance. They also knew this is not the work of Apaji, as any Apaji will take the dead warrior back to his house to wake up fresh and clean. (Apaji is a Yoruba traditional preparation that brings a warrior back to life after being killed in battle.) It was Eleruwa they were looking at, and fear gripped them. And the massive slaughter of the enemy began in the hands of the great warrior who had built a wall of defence around himself with the shells and bullets the enemies fired at him. He protected himself with the bad works of the enemy.

Destiny was certainly at play in the case of Eleruwa. His time was not up, yet the enemy believed that could be fast-tracked so that they would inherit everything Eleruwa had. Unfortunately for them, the glorious Hand of Olodumare was at work. He was also outmanned and outgunned. The enemy came at him from all sides firing guns, which should have killed the best of warriors. Yet, Eleruwa survived. He could not be killed by the enemy. However, he did not concede one inch of his territory. Every other person with him had either fled or died at the hands of an overwhelming number of enemies, who had superior weaponry – namely guns that were not so common in those days. Spent shells were everywhere with a number of these being live bullets that could not fire, due to the many traditional protective charms Eleruwa had on him.

What is your problem today? How many are they who surround you today? What is troubling you today? If your Ori/Eleda (Higher Self/Creator) has not given up on you, why surrender to the enemy? Moses was to be killed by Pharaoh. But he ate and slept in Pharaoh’s house till he became a man. Mordecai should have been hanged on the order of the King spurred on by Haman. But the Creator of Mordecai changed that bad portion to good. The Ori of Eleruwa was with him in all those battles. Yours cannot leave you if and only IF you acknowledge his presence.

Eleruwa was fond of appeasing his Higher Self/Creator regularly. He’ll not do anything until he has done that. How often do you pray? What is it that God wants from you that you cannot give him? Be nice to your Ori and see multiple victories in return. No matter how bad the situation is, be very steadfast. Steadfastness and a genuine attitude of worship’ll get you to your Promised Land.



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