Osun State: Senator Ben Bruce and his indecent assault on the psyche of Nigerian workers

Senator Ben Murray Bruce
Senator Ben Murray Bruce

By Nelson Ekujumi (ekujuminel@yahoo.com)

I have watched with amusing interest, the showmanship being unleashed on the Nigerian political space by Senator Ben Bruce, with the latest being the donation of half of his controversial wardrobe allowance to workers in Osun state who are bearing the economic crunch due to unpaid wages and am shocked at how this senator can attempt to debase and stigmatize the workers in Osun state as if they are the only ones being owed salaries when there are over 17 other states in the same boat.

My question to this playing to the gallery showboy is, what happens to workers in other states who are being owed salaries? When should we look forward to another half donation from this clown of a senator? Is it when another scandalous allowance is being proposed for national assembly members?

This showmanship of an assault on the psyche of the average Nigerian  worker by Senator Ben Bruce should be seen in this debasing light because this is a man whose staff in STV are complaining bitterly of not being paid salaries on time. From our investigation, he is always in default of workers salaries, so we ask, who is fooling who?

Like the saying goes, you can fool some of the people, some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people, all of the time. The role of some of our latter day wardrobe allowance donor as a pimp to the seat of power in the recent past is public knowledge as a debasement of our humanity.


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