Ogun State APC registration: Fabikun debunks irregularities claim


APCChairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Registration Committee in Ogun State, Hon. Niyi Fabikun, has debunked claims of disenfranchisement levelled against the committee by aggrieved former members of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), saying its assignment is being commended by all and sundry.


Speaking with Uhuru Times in a telephone interview on Monday, Fabikun also confirmed the extension of the registration exercise by two days, explaining that enough materials have been received from the APC national secretariat in Abuja to take care of shortfall in the ones sent earlier. The CPC had in a press statement lamented alleged sidelining of persons perceived to be opposed to the Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, during the registration with SIA Group members being given unfettered access.


Fabikun said, “That is certainly not true. There is nowhere that is happening in Ogun State, and all the leaders have been commending our efforts so far. The only place with problem, which he cited in Ijebu North Local Government Area has been resolved. That local government has 231 polling booths, and there was a problem on the first day of registration in four of them. I went there personally to take charge of the situation, which we resolved. We also called those that matter in the local government and they came to verify what we did, commending us in the process.


“These people calling themselves CPC should know there is nothing like that today. Everybody, including those who have never joined a political party before are free to register. You cannot have a party inside a party. They should grow out of their activist orientation and become politicians, because real politicians should be busy inviting people to join the party now, not attempting to distract those working to build a formidable party.”


Responding to allegations that some local governments may have been cheated concerning membership registers, he said, “There are two membership registers for each of the 236 Wards in Ogun State, and nobody is cheating anyone on that. Even all those who wrote their names in exercise books after the registration forms had been exhausted now have cause to smile because Abuja has just sent more registration forms to us. Their names will be transfered to the forms and they’ll get their cards too.


“What APC members should be doing now is to mobilise people for registration, not complaining about resolved issues.”



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