‘My man should be loving, caring, honest, romantic and God-fearing’

Shola Poopla
Shola Popoola
Beautiful actress, Shola Popoola, ranks among one of young up and coming actresses aiming to take over the reign of affairs in the Nigerian movie industry, especially the Yoruba genre. In this interview, Ogun State-born Popoola speaks about life as actress, her journey into the world of acting and among other several issues. Excerpts:
How did you start acting?
I started in 2004 when I joined a group, led by by Atewolara Segun.
What were you doing before that time?
I was in school at Olabisi Onabanjo University.
So which was your first movie?
My first movie was titled Eni ikoko. It was produced by ba’iroyin and was shot in Ibadan in 2004.
What attracted you to acting?
Well, it started when I was younger. I was a member of the drama group in my church, so it just developed like that.
Shola Popoola
As an actress, what would you describe as your high-point?
To be sincere with you, I don’t think that I have reached that point that I can describe as my high-point. For me, this is just the beginning and the sky is not even my limit. I believe am just coming and sky is just d beginning for me. I really want to make a formidable impact in the industry and make a good name for myself. With God, I believe that all those things are achievable.
Some people have said that acting does not really pay. What can you say about this?
Well, that is relative. It depends on what you really want and how you go about it. Moreover, when you get to some stage, you will discover that some things will fall into place for you. But before that time, you need to be patient and take your time.
The fad now is for actors and actresses to also produce. Have you produced any movie?
Yes. The first was entitled Ayowamiri. I also have another one, entitled Fagbajale. It featured artistes like Toyin Adegbola, Yomi Fash and Aishat Balohun among several others.
Many people believe it is easier for girls to succeed in the industry than their male colleagues. How true is this?
I cannot really speak on that. But it is not in all cases, it depends on some circumstances.
Depends on what?
I think it depends on the type of boss that you have. If you a good boss, that may give you a good platform to succeed. But a bad boss may even work against your progress.
Have you been affected in any way by this?
I have not been affected in any way.
Are you aware of ‘sex for role’ allegations?
Are you so sure about this?
Very sure.
Have you had any ugly experience with a male producer?
Not really.
What do you mean by not really?
I mean that as a person, I have never had any such experience.
How were able to make this possible?
That was what I meant when I talked about a good boss. In this respect, Toyin Adegbola has done very well to protect me.
You have male admirers. How do you handle them?
That’s normal. But with God, handling them is a small thing.
But there must be a particular way you handle them
For me, such thing as having a relationship cannot be forced on you. It is something that you do by choice.
What would you do if a male asks you for sex to give you role?
This is a serious question. But to answer your question, if any man comes my way, it is either yes or no. But the truth is that with my status in the industry, I don’t believe any producer can ask me for sex in exchange for role. It can never happen.
What do you like in a man?
I love men who are God-fearing.
Are you sure that is all you want in a man?
Of course, my man should be loving, caring, honest and romantic.
What is your definition of being romantic?
There are no two ways to being romantic now.
What kind of man can you marry?
I already married.
How is life as a married woman?
It is fine and lovely.
Any particular thing you miss from being single?
I don’t miss anything.
Yes. I repeat, I don’t miss anything.
Do you have any particular beauty routine?
What is the most-challenging role you have ever played and why?
I had to be in the middle of a large river. It was very scary.
What is the biggest fee you have received for a role?
I can’t tell you that.
It is because it is not necessary.
Okay. What is the smallest fee you have received?
It depends on some factors. You know we don’t have any fixed fee.
Have you acted for free?
I have done it many times. In our industry, you cannot escape such thing.
So how do you make your money?
I have other businesses that I do.
What is your experience so far as an actress?
Again, I give the glory to God for His provision.
Tell me about any bad experience you have had.
Imagine going to location for days, and at the end of the day, you go home with nothing in your pocket. If you talk, the producer will beg you, believing that you would have to heed their plea. It is tough to cope with such life.
And what about the good experience?
You producers who are willing to drop your fee into your account even before you step your feet on the location.
What is the secret of your beauty?
God and good maintenance.
How do you maintain it?
By eating good food, using good cream and having good rest. Of course, you take time to relax.
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