MTN Nigeria leadership programme to inspire ideas among top-level management


By Chiazo Ogbolu

MTN Nigeria has gathered hundreds of its top-level management staff at the company’s inaugural leadership programme to strategise on its six-pillar strategy.

MTN Nigeria Chief Executive Officer Ferdi Moolman said that the programme was a way of rewarding the fantastic work that leaders and managers have continue to put into building the most impactful company in Nigeria.

“The Leadership Gathering (TLG) is a special, first-of-its-kind event designed to inspire ideas and connect the dots around the company’s bright strategy (a well-defined six-pillar strategy).

“It will also strengthen the bonds among colleagues and deepen the connections between staff and the company,” he said in a statement on Wednesday.

He added that the programme with the theme, “Together Towards Tomorrow’’, would lead featured insights from MTN Group CEO, Rob Shuter; Craig Wing, a partner at Future World International; Mark Holtshousen, an Executive Coach and Senior Manager, Global Talent Solution, MTN Group.

Shuter, while speaking on expanding the strength of its staff as an avenue to enable the company push beyond its current purpose to even greater causes, said the company was going beyond a network that provided persons with handset, a call and data plan.

He added that they were also interested in what they were doing with the device which, he said, their move was into financial services and digital services.

Wing, a partner at Future World International, which empowers companies to create the strategies and culture necessary to prepare for a future characterised by disruption, insisted that the company served only one customer and needed to see itself as such.

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“If I was to say to you how many customers MTN has and you say 80 odd million, it will be the wrong answer. You have only one customer that you serve in 80 million ways a day,” he said.

Holtshousen, said on the importance of the balance of family and life outside of the workplace.

He explained the connection between a healthy family life, the dopamine effect from a successful career and how a satisfying life could not be sacrificed for success.

“Character is important. People do not follow the title. People follow the leader. I will take a compassionate leader over a capable one every day of the week,” he said.

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