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Abuja (NAN) Mr Lawrence Alabi, a civil servant and concerned resident of Abuja, on Monday, used a jar of honey to save the life of a female hawker who had asthma attack.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), reports that the incident took place at Berger roundabout when the young lady was selling bananas to Alabi.

Alabi said that he noticed the lady was struggling to breathe after she had handed him his change and realised she was having an attack.

“I walked up to the lady and asked her to sell me some bananas and as she handed me the bananas with my change, I noticed her breathing strangely.

“As I walked away, I noticed her wheezing and holding her chest; so I walked back to her and asked if she was asthmatic and she nodded yes.

“I asked her for her inhaler and she seemed not to have it on her.

“As people gathered I asked around for an inhaler but no one was able to provide one but I saw a woman holding a jar of honey so I begged her for it.

“I had read somewhere that honey had anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy agents, so I was certain it will help with her wheezing.

“I poured the honey onto my handkerchief and placed it around her nose and mouth, hoping that it will improve her breathing and thankfully it worked.

“I believe it was God who put me there at that time and used me as a tool to save her,” Alabi said.

NAN reports that the young lady was given money by a bystander to purchase an inhaler.

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