Mombasa County Commissioner Nelson Marwa addressing the media on November 2, 2014 in Mombasa.

Mombasa (Xinhua) The Kenyan Government on Monday launched a major crackdown on drug barons in the coastal city of Mombasa. Deputy President William Ruto met with the top security teams from the coastal region in Mombasa to assess the crackdown on drug barons and terrorists.
He ordered the officers to prioritise the war against drug dealers, which he said if unchecked would continue to ruin the lives of young people.
“Those engaging in drug business have very few days left. Their end as far as their business is concerned is imminent as there will be no space, room or time to continue with the vice in Kenya,” he said.
Ruto said the crackdown, which was progressing well, would also target government officers believed to be colluding or protecting the drug peddlers to continue with the illegal trade.
The East Africa nation has been identified as a drug transport hub for drugs going to Europe from Asia and Middle East. Hardly a week passes without an arrest of drug traffickers at the main airport.
However, traffickers have become increasingly smarter because of improved surveillance at the airports and have now resorted to using roads to reach their intended destinations.
Ruto said that the government was investigating some of its officers colluding or protecting drug barons in the area. “We are closely monitoring some government officers who are either facilitating the drug barons or protecting them,” said Ruto.
He said the government would not relent in the fight against the drug menace, urging Kenyans to support security officers in eliminating the vice.
“We appreciate the role being played by majority of our security officers in eliminating drug abuse. But we will also not hesitate to take stern actions against the few officers undermining the fight against the illegal business,” said Ruto.
He said the crackdown on drug dealers had been ongoing since Jubilee took over the country’s leadership in 2013 with combined efforts from its partners like the U.S. that has given the fight against the vice a new impetus.
“Our security officers have firm and clear instructions on what should be done to deal decisively and conclusively with the dealers of drugs,’’ Ruto said.
The fight against drug trafficking has intensified since last week since three Kenyans and a foreigner were extradited to the U.S. to face drug-related charges.


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