Italian firm, Borini Prono, employs Ogun to protect equipment


Borini Prono3The Yoruba god of iron, Ogun, has become a choice security option against vandals for Italian construction giant, Borini Prono. Uhuru Times observed this trend on Sunday at the ongoing dualisation of Ago-Iwoye/Ilishan Road, Ogun State by the company.


Young palm fronds were seen tied to tractors and equipment of Borini Prono on a portion of the road close to Ago Iwoye.


An employee of Borini Prono, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, confirmed to our correspondent that vandals from outside Ogun State ably supported by locals often take apart tractors and other equipment leaving behind obsolete machine the company could not use again.

borini prono2


borini prono1He said: “It was a local chief from Ago Iwoye, who advised that we use Mariwo Ope (young palm fronds) as a deterrent against these thieves. You won’t believe it that nothing has been missing from any of our site and other places where we keep equipment since we started this practice. It works.”


Assorted iron materials packed together often form items of Ogun worship. But locals believe that when young palm fronds are attached to any iron object, it has become Ogun itself with no trespass allowed. Locals believe Ogun kills whoever steals such materials or anything around it.

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