In victory speech, Macron pledges to serve France with “humility and love”


Paris (Reuters) ROUGH CUT (NO REPORTER NARRATION) French President-elect Emmanuel Macron told a victory rally on Sunday that he would serve the country with humility and love while saying it was essential to build up a parliamentary majority in order to carry out much-needed changes for France.

Macron addressed thousands of supporters in front of Paris’ Louvre museum, taking to the stage to European Union anthem Ode to Joy.

“I will do all I can during the next five years so that no-one ever has a reason again to vote for extremes,” said Macron, referring to those who had voted for far-right Front National candidate Marine Le Pen.

“Our task is huge. It will require us to build, from tomorrow onwards, a real majority, a strong majority. This majority to carry out change is what the country is hoping for and what the country deserves,” said Macron, who now needs to focus on getting a majority in the lower house of parliament at elections in June.


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