I am not a womaniser – Yomi Fash-Lanso

Yomi Fash-Lanso (left) during the interview
Yomi Fash-Lanso (left) during the interview

Uhuru Times recently caught up with ace actor, Yomi Fash-Lanso, as he savours Oriental food in the Chinese Restaurant portion of Continental Suites Hotel, Abeokuta, where he insisted he is not a womaniser. Excerpts:

Some observers have argued in your favour that there was never a time you dated Bukky Wright. But seeing the chemistry between both of you in Omotara Johnson …

Very simple. As long as you understand the character you are representing, you’ll play your role convincingly. There has never been any relationship between me and Bukky Wright. It is just the role I’ve been assigned to play. We both did what we know how to do best. That’s just it.

But speculations about a possible past affair between yourself and Fathia Balogun are also rife.
No. Not at all. When people see artistes on screen and they notice a good chemistry between a man and woman, they term it to be another thing. But it is not. The quality of a good actor and actress, which should show for everyone to see, is the issue of chemistry. Both artistes should convincingly blend into their roles.
Surprisingly, it is not just possible flings with your female colleagues that tongues are wagging about. It is generally believed out there that …
People will always say that. They always say that. But the plain truth is that when you are on screen, you need to flow with your colleague. You need to flow even before you get on set, or how can the person now act flawlessly?
Why is it that an artiste who acts so well in a movie end up the opposite in another to the annoyance of fans? Does money have a big role to play in how well you act?
Acting has little or nothing to do with money. It is all about professionalism, training and where you are coming from. These are the most important things. Once you are well-trained, you’ll know what to do in your assigned role. It comes easy to you like that. It is possible artistes who do not act well consistently possibly do not get the character very well.
Back to your personal life, again. There is this belief that you are a flirt …

… that’s not even a question. It is just a background. Let’s assume right now that you are not married, what is it, really, that attracts you to a girl?
The most important thing is how she carries herself. She may not be what the average person would describe as beautiful, for me, the way she carries herself matters. That is what I am interested in.
What is it between you and fair-skinned girls? It is believed you always date fair-skinned girls.

Maybe you are talking about my wife …
Not your wife at all. Check out those people allege that you’ve dated, about 98% of them are fair skinned …
People assume a lot of things. I’ve told you already there is no truth whatsoever in those rumours. I’ve found myself among dark-skinned and fair ones. The truth is that I enjoy the company of women because of many lessons I learn from them – how they think, reason and act! If you really listen to a woman, you’ll achieve a lot of things in life.


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