How to manage large breasts


large breastsStep 1: Wear the right bras. Have your size determined by a professional fitter, or have them custom made for you. A well-fitting bra can make large breasts look more modest, as well as provide support that makes you feel more comfortable.

Step 2: Wear styles that flatter a big chest, like V- and sweetheart necklines and corset-style tops. Avoid shirts with breast pockets, spaghetti straps, and wide belts. Choose bottoms that balance your bust, like wide-legged pants and flared skirts.

Don’t attempt to hide big breasts under baggy clothes, which can make you look heavy and matronly.

Step 3: Stand up straight. Some large-breasted women develop poor posture by hunching over in an attempt to hide their breasts. It not only looks bad, but it can cause back pain.

Step 4: If you’re overweight, drop a few pounds; your breasts might slim down with the rest of your body.

Step 5: Find ways to exercise that won’t cause pain or make you feel self-conscious. Walking at a steep incline on a treadmill, for example, can give you the same workout benefits as running without the uncomfortable bouncing and jiggling.

When exercising, wear a sports bra made especially for women with large chests.

Step 6: Consider breast reduction surgery. Some insurance companies will cover the procedure if your bust size is causing back, neck, and shoulder pain; rashes; and cuts caused by bra straps.

Step 7: Keep your head held high through catcalls and rude remarks; they say more about the person making them than you. And remember: 355,000 American women had breast augmentation surgery in 2008 to get what you already have!

The Guinness World Record holder for biggest natural breasts wears a 48V bra.


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