Former Ogun State Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel

Former Ogun State Commissioner for Works, Hon. Olayiwola Waliu Taiwo, has seen it all. A grassroots politician, whose network of allies cuts across Ogun State, Taiwo was instrumental to the emergence of Otunba Gbenga Daniel as governor of the state in 2003. He practically rallied all political leaders in Ogun West for the during whose term he also served as Commissioner for Agriculture and later Commissioner for Housing. In this no holds barred interview with Ogun West News Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Malik Ibitoye, and his team, Taiwo traced the genesis of the crisis that consumed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State towards the 2011 general elections with a blend of history and facts from 1999, when the current political dispensation began.

For the purpose of those who don’t know you and might not know your antecedents, can you tell us  about yourself and how you got into politics.

My name is Honourable Olayiwola Waliu Taiwo. I’m from Ota and I’ve been practising my politics in Ota. Although, I was not all that active during the days of Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), but played some roles as a young man. The period I can easily recall I started active politics was during the creation of Social Democratic Party (SDP) and National Republican Convention (NRC). This was during (former President Ibrahim) Babangida’s regime. He made everybody believe that we were all co- founders and co-owners of the two political parties which made politics so interesting then. It was a grassroots thing then, where popularity was tested at lowest
level of politics. Whatever post you want to contest for, you bring your people out to
support you openly against your opponent. The more people you bring, the more votes you get. It was a true test of grassroots popularity.


That was the first time I got fully involved in politics. I contested as a state delegate, where we had to take our people to Iganmode Grammar School here in Ota to queue and vote for their respective candidates. I was one of the lucky one out of the three state delegates then. After that, when the structure was put in place, I contested for the
State House of Assembly under SDP. So, I was a member of the Ogun State House of Assembly before the whole process was truncated yet again due to the June 12 crisis. That was our supposed 3rdRepublic. We could not conclude the whole process, after (Bashorun) M.K.O Abiola won what the world community described as Africa’s
freest and fairest election. The result of that election was annulled, which led to the abortion of the 3rd republic process. That was basically the period I got fully involved in politics. It was the very beginning of my political career and since then I’ve been
very active in politics.
After the June 12 imbroglio, the military junta disbanded SDP and NRC,
and  I joined a new party known as UNCP, where I contested for the
State House of Assembly which I won again. But unfortunately, (Gen. Sani) Abacha
died and that process too ended abruptly. After the death of Abacha, political activities decompressed until 1998 when the ban on political activities was lifted. I joined PDP and since then I’ve been very active and playing important roles in PDP. When Obasanjo won the presidential election in 1999, South-West did not vote for him because Alliance for Democracy (AD) controlled the entire South-West then. So, during President Olusegun Obasanjo’s re-election for the second term, PDP put a very good show and then we won almost all the states in South-West except Lagos. Then, I was made the Commissioner for Works, later Commissioner for Housing and Commissioner for Agriculture. In the last general election, I contested for a seat in the Senate in Ogun West which is my senatorial district, still as a PDP member. That is all I can say about my political background for now.

When PDP and AD came up after the Abacha era, we all know that most
South-West politicians went for AD, why the choice of PDP?

Well, in the first place you know Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is known worldwide as Ota farmer. I am from Ota. I was close to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. As a matter of fact, when he was declaring his intention to contest for President, I was the one that mobilised the youth from Ota to Obasanjo Farm here in Ota, at least to grace the occasion. So, because I was so close to him, I’ve always been following him to wherever he goes. So, basically, I joined PDP because of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and of course, we knew that Chief Obasanjo will become the president because the establishment wanted him. Besides, we were all initially in All Peoples Party (APP). But when Chief Obasanjo came, he said we are all moving to PDP and we moved to
PDP. Of course, there is reason for that, why we had to leave APP for PDP….
(cuts in) Why, What was the reason?

Well then, I cannot remember very well because there was this very strong military man cum  politician from Sokoto State, who was fully entrenched in APP and when he was contacted on our objective and Obasanjo’s aspiration to become the president he refused. So, that was why the establishment moved Obasanjo from APP to PDP. So, we had to follow suit. We all moved from APP to PDP.

Sir, let’s come back to our region here, Ogun West Senatorial District. Honourable Waliu Taiwo is known by the people as a grassroots politician, as the people believe that you make things happen at the grassroots and some even also call you the Field Marshal of Ogun West politics. How have you been maintaining that position over the years?

Yes, the whole story started when I was in the Ogun State House of Assembly. During the Senatorial election, then Ifo Local Government was part of Ogun West. You know we have three Senatorial districts in Ogun State, one for Ogun East mainly for Ijebus, one for Ogun Central which is for the Egba people. So, the one for the West is predominantly for the Aworis and Yewas, while Ifo was a minority part of the district. Because Ifo was here, an Egba man wanted to pick the ticket after they had automatically picked the Ogun Central ticket. I felt an injustice was about to be played, and I queried how would two Egba persons represent us at the senate?  What would be the fate of the Aworis, the Yewas, the Eguns, the Anagos, the Ohoris others? So, I fought the battle for justice and equity to take place and at the end of the struggle, we were able to present an Awori man in the person of a respected personality, Senator Ayodeji Otegbola through the support of our people in the House of Assembly, especially the people from Yewa.
It was a fierce battle, it was a war against some acclaimed powerful people including the anointed gubernatorial candidate, Chief Olusegun Osoba. We resisted all their efforts to impose on us an Egba to represent us at the senate. They have taken their slot at Central, the Ijebus have taken theirs in Ogun East. So, why would they want to hijack ours in Ogun West. We eventually settled for primary election, it was after this decision that I singularly went round all the wards in Ogun West Senatorial District to seek support for our chosen candidate, Chief Ayodeji Otegbola. We won the primary election and since then, the structure that won the party primary election also made it possible for Senator Otegbola to become a Senator was maintained. We named the political structure “The Casso Group”. Casso is a name of a residential area, that is where I live and that is where we have the meetings. The group as am talking to you right now have grown over the years and have cut across Ogun West.

So, in 2003, when Otunba Gbenga Daniel came to Casso Group we accepted him. I want to tell you today that Otunba Gbenga Daniel became the Governor of Ogun State by the grace of almighty God. But He used people like us to make it possible.

So, Otunba Gbenga Daniel was not in the front line then?

No, he was not. He was never part of us. He was not even a member of the party. It was Chief Doyin Okupe that was the leading candidate then before Otunba Gbenga Daniel (OGD) came. OGD came, and we talked. Then, we decided to make things work for him. First of all, we summoned the meeting of the Casso Group and of course we got the whole of Ogun West behind him.

What did he give you as incentive? You know politicians will always
collect something for something

No, I am very very proud to say it, in fact when I was serving under him I once told him I was one of the few leaders that was not on his pay roll while campaigning for his governorship ambition. There were some that were on his pay roll. There were some he gave money. But I was never on his pay roll.

You know, that time we had a mission, especially for Ogun West. We started building a structure and the movement that will quench the age long marginalisation of the Aworis and the entire Ogun West. We have been attempting to produce a governor from this part of the state and it has been a situation like somebody drowning in the swamp and trying hard to stay afloat. The more he tries to stay up, the more he sinks-a kind of jinx we wanted to break. So, until we remove ourselves from the mud and are on a very solid platform then we can jump and then our dream will be actualised. We tried to take a cue from what happened during (former Ogun State Governor, Olabisi) Onabanjo’s tenure. Before he (Onabanjo) became the governor of Ogun State in 1979,  they went for primaries. I think 20 delegates each came from Ijebu, Egba and Ogun West here. In that primary, Egba presented only one candidate, Ijebu also
presented only one, then Egbado and Awori then presented two candidates. After the first round ballot, it was discovered that all the delegates from  Egba voted for the Egba candidate, while the Ijebus did same by voting for their candidate en bloc.
The Yewa-Awori votes were divided because they had two candidates vying for the guber post. At the end of first round of proceedings, Chief Onabanjo and Chief Oduntan tied on highest number of votes hence; they both qualify for the second round while our candidates dropped from the race having scored below their rivals.
At this point, the Yewa people should have been the beautiful bride. Whoever wants to seek for their support should negotiate because their vote was the determining factor. Like for instance, if we give you our vote you must give us the deputy
governor, but unfortunately nothing like that happened. We lost that golden opportunity, as our people did not negotiate, they just voted for Chief Onabanjo. If we had produced a deputy governor then, I am sure by now we would had a governor from this part of the state.
With this past experience, I studied the situation in Ogun West and I discovered that naturally we are at disadvantage; it was not our fault, it was what the establishment gave us. We have five Local Governments in our case. The Egbas have six local governments, while the Ijebus have nine. I discovered that it is only by arrangements through negotiations that an Ogun West can become a governor. No other way to it, because we are naturally at disadvantage. Mind you, our own Senatorial District is the only one that is heterogeneous in nature. It is an amalgamation of some ethnic groups
which includes the Eguns, the Anagos, the Ohohoris, the Aworis, and the Yewas. When Orhori is speaking an Egun man may not understand, when an Awori man is talking an Orhori may not understand.
So, we have that problem, and that was why we lost out woefully in 1979, and they told us we were not yet ripe to produce a governor. Then we had our second attempt, we put up struggle, they said it is not our turn and twice an Egba man, Chief Olusegun Osoba became the governor of the state. Then Gbenga Daniel came in 2003. Let me tell you what you don’t know: when we started the struggle in 1999, then we believed that President Olusegun Obasanjo was going to support the Yewa-Awori agenda. We sent a delegation to Aso Rock. I was part of the delegation. We got two members of a group, YAYAF, that is Hon. Isiaq Akinlade and one other person. When we got to Aso Rock, we had a meeting with President Obasanjo. Senator Jubril Martins Kuye was at the meeting and we presented our agitation. President Olusegun Obasanjo told us point blank that it is the Egbas and the Ijebus that we need to appeal to. He also said he was not expecting both the Egbas and the Ijebus to contest for that particular
guber election in 2003. He also added that if a Remo man becomes the governor and rule for eight years, and whoever it was had the interest of the Yewa-Awori agenda at heart, it would be easy for us to actualise our agenda.

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That statement was what spurred us. So, immediately we left Aso Rock Villa, I told members of the delegation that if they think very well and interpret what baba (Obasanjo) told us, they should realise the path baba is directing us to. So, what we did immediately we got home was to look for a credible Remo man and luckily Otunba Gbenga Daniel (OGD) who is a known and well-respected Remo man surfaced. Thereafter, we pulled all our structures together to support his gubernatorial ambition, but it was not until we agreed in terms and conditions that will oil the machinery of our agitation which is primarily to install a Yewa-Awori man as his successor. We told OGD without mincing words that we will support his ambition,
but these are certain things he must do for us. You must give us deputy governor and Commissioner for Works aside other posts our district is entitled to. We set up a negotiating committee which comprised of some notable personalities of Ogun West led by Alhaji Ali Ajibode, a retired civil servant.
The committee’s decision was brought back to the table, OGD read it after it was prepared in form of Agreement document, and he signed and we also signed. Three of us signed on behalf of Ogun West; my humble self, Chief Mrs. Apampa and late Chief Lekan Ojo. In fairness to OGD, after he became the governor, he fulfilled all his
promises as agreed prior to election. There was no local government that did not get a post of commissioner in Ogun West, unlike what is happening now. All the five Local Governments in Ogun West during OGD tenure had a commissioner in his cabinet and of course the Commissioner for Works which we specifically demanded for was giving to me, making me and my local government one of the beneficiaries of the agreement. And then we also include in that agreement that he must support Ogun
West agenda by making one of us his successor after his two terms. So, for now, I will say he is a man of God because, at least he stood by our agreement to the very end. He supported Ogun West agenda. How we lost was not Daniel’s fault but the fault of the people of Ogun West themselves. They use an Ogun West man against another Ogun West man. That was how we lost that golden moment of Ogun West political history.

Can you highlight the roles played by Casso Group before OGD emerged
as Ogun State governor

Alright, very simple. What happened then was that, Casso Group controlled the
entire Ogun West. As a matter of fact, the very first time OGD met with me, it was at Farm Gate Hotel, Ota. It was at that juncture I tried to call our party chairman who was in Okupe’s caucus. When I wanted to introduced Otunba Gbenga Daniel to him, he was in Abuja, but he said we should meet as soon as he comes back. When the party chairman came back from Abuja, I called the meeting of Casso Group, OGD came in and addressed us. And definitely once you address the Casso Group, you have addressed the entire Ogun West because at the meeting of the group, party chairmen from wards to local government to senatorial district were in attendance. All the state officers of PDP in Ogun West were there and all the leaders and elders too were on seat. After accepting him, it means we have pocketed the whole of Ogun West.


The next project was how to capture Ogun Central and we were able to do it with the assistance of another very powerful group led by Chief Kola Olumide. It was difficult for OGD to penetrate Ogun Central Senatorial District because Doyin Okupe’s domination of the district was conspicuously visible. I was the one that went to meet Chief Kola Olumide, after some underground investigation and I got to know that Chief Kola Olumide was the key figure in Okupe’s camp then, and thereafter I told OGD immediately that we need to drag Chief Kola Olumide to our side. Because we have understanding, we have been together for a while, we believe in ourselves, it took us not too much time to win his loyalty to our side. One morning, I went to his place and I reminded him of some past events, how the state political structure was formed then, and the sacrifice he made for a particular person to get to a position and how the person used the same position against him. I told him it will be unwise to repeat the same mistake and that he would finish politically by making use of his hard earn resources and political structure for the same person to be governor.
So, immediately, he got the message, he asked me to bring Daniel and I went to meet Daniel and informed him that once this man accepts us we should make him the Chairman of our Campaign Organisation. That was why we called him ‘OGD ampaign Organisation (OGDCO) One’ and incidentally all through the
campaign period nobody knew I was the ‘OGDCO Two’. After some other rigorous lobbying, we eventually won some other notable figures from Ogun Central to our side and then Ogun Central was divided into two. During the campaign it was three of us that actually addressed political rallies  and the public; Kola Olumide, Oloride, from Ogun East Senatorial District (one of the babas from Ilupeju) and my humble
self. We were the ones doing the campaign. I remember the Shagamu people said OGD was not from Shagamu and standing on the podium, I asked who told them we zoned the governorship to Shagamu or Remo? I told them my cousin from Ota was also contesting and that anybody from Ogun State that is qualified is free to contest. So, we were the ones that did the real campaign for him. He came without any Exco, not even Ex- Officio. That time politics was interesting because they allowed people to decide and not what is happening now, where you have to see some individuals. When Gbenga Daniel aspired to become the Governor of Ogun State, he went all around the state. He came to Ogun West; we negotiated with him, that before we can support you these are the things we want from you. He went to Ogun Central and Ogun East as well for endorsement. That is no longer happening today, and that was the beginning of our failure as a party. Though, Daniel started with good process which I believe it was a good example but was also instrumental to the beginning of the problems of this party (PDP) in our state.

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When we wanted to have Congress, what we normally do is to inaugurate a zoning committee consisting of three members each from the three Senatorial Districts. This committee will debate and deliberate on which position goes to which district. So, representatives of each Senatorial District will give report of the outcome of their meetings to their respective Senatorial District. As you know, politics has to do with interests, every individual wants the best for the people he or she represents and so when these three wise men return back from the state zoning meeting, they begin another battle of which local government gets the highest ranked position. So, for the district, another committee will be formed to see into the sharing of zoned positions among the local governments that make up the district. So, when the zoned position(s) finally get to the local government, we will then sit down and meticulously search for who and who is capable for the available zoned positions. At this stage, Ward executives will be recognised and you can’t imagine how an entire Ward will appreciate and celebrate giving them a lowly Ex-Officio slot from the state level. Such member will definitely become important within his community, his community will see him as a stake holder, he will be ready to work hard for the party.

That was the system OGD met, that was why it was easy for him to go round and convince people, despite the fact that Jubril Martins Kuye was our leader in the state then. There was never a time that Martins Kuye asked or ordered us to bring executives or members from any part of the state down to Ago-Iwoye where he lives. No, he never did that. We were all on our own; we made decisions in our respective senatorial districts down to the ward level without interference from our state leader. That was the system we had at hand before Daniel came; that was the system that won him elections for two terms. We were able to work in unity and achieved victories because we were all leaders. No member was superior to the other. The beginning of the end of the party started after OGD won the second term election. After OGD won the second term election, what was in his mind was how he was going to install his successor, he devised a structure of his own. So, everything was done at his Shagamu home. It was at Shagamu they will decide who will be the Ward chairman anywhere in the state; this was something we decide at the local level. You can imagine during this period, he gave this local government two state officers. You know Ado/Odo-Ota has two State Constituencies, that is, Ota and Ado Odo-Igbesa State constituencies. But Daniel gave the two slots to Ado Odo-Igbesa. In fact, he gave the two officers to
just one ward. You know it will never happen that way if we were to decide on the
said appointments, it would have been evenly divided among the two state constituencies. Do you know why he did that?
He claimed he wanted only those that were loyal to him around him. Was that how to earn loyalty from people? It is not possible for you to call somebody to Shagamu against the wish of his people and give him an appointment and still expect that
person to lead his people. No, it can never happen. The people will not follow an imposed leader whole heartedly, even if they get stipends. When the time comes they will show him where their loyalty stands.

Are you telling us now that the problem Ogun West is now facing started with OGD?

Yes, it started from OGD era.

But sir, from what you narrated here, you had a robust relationship
with OGD during his campaign before he became the governor of Ogun
State. He also gave you a post of a Commissioner, and it is no longer
news that both of you  parted ways along the journey. Can you tell us
briefly, what led to that crack?

Though, in fairness to Daniel when we started, he respected me a lot and he respected my views too.  Even when we started the government during executive meetings, when other commissioners are talking, he always wait for my views and positions before taking  decisions and he did virtually whatever I asked him to do. But unknown to me, some people were wondering what was the special bond between me and OGD. You see, naturally, I do things for people without expecting any favour or whatsoever in return. So, as I said, his biggest problem started with the State House of
Assembly. Mind you, I was once a member of the State House of Assembly. So, I know how powerful the arm of government is. A governor cannot remove any member of the House of Assembly, but the Assembly can remove the governor. It should also be recalled that before Gbenga Daniel came, members of the State House of Assembly were selected by their various Constituencies. But during his bid for second term, he tried to select his own assembly members. It should also be noted that the assembly members he came in with gave him no problem and there was no crisis.
Reason? The constituencies they came from still have full control over them and he was not the one that selected them. But the ones that he carefully selected for the second term, what happened? You don’t concentrate line of command in one way. We have local leaders; they know how to deal with their people. But when you say it is OGD we should be talking about, not the leaders. How many will you control? When you recognise all these Assembly leaders, you put them above their leaders at home that they are the leaders. So, when it got out of hand he was calling the leaders. The leaders that you have made their subordinates? So, what do you expect? You remember then, Honourable Leye, Honourable Fasinu, when the things were okay, can Leye and Fasinu misbehave? When people like us will stand against them. No, it is not possible because they know what we can do. But when you believe you too can be leader now, why can’t you be the leader? And you gave them all the support of the government against the leaders. So, if somebody is riding on the back of the tiger and you are using it to harass people, at the end of the day what will happen? So, when the
problem started, we know it will happen.
They started with the removal of Titi Oseni. In all honesty, that incident caught everybody unaware. Unfortunately for OGD, during an occasion at the Valley View, he publicly said that if two people talked in this state he would know. These people moved all their family members from the quarters without anybody’s knowledge and then they executed what was termed as the palace coup. Incidentally, while they were plotting the removal of the speaker, I was not in talking terms with Hon Leye Odunjo and Hon Fasinu, the two House of Assembly members were from my constituency.

So, after they eventually impeached Titi Oseni, they all went incommunicado and nobody knew where they were. Meanwhile, unknown to me during this period, the duo had been looking for ways to make peace with me, probably because of their plans to impeach the speaker. While they were trying to look for me, I was also trying to contact somebody who was very close to Fasinu, when I heard about the crisis in
the House of Assembly. Before I contacted Hon. Fasinu who was actually from Ado/Igbesa state constituency, I was made to understand that virtually all the Assembly members were camped in the same place and that they had submitted all
the phones to the leader of the group who checked all incoming calls to avoid any sell out or leakages of their agreed plans. But when I eventually called Fasinu, he picked my call and I asked him what their intention was? They told me that they had nothing against Governor Daniel. Meanwhile, the governor was in the UK when they impeached the speaker. It was OGD that instructed me to find out what was going on
and give feed him back as soon as possible.
Nobody, except me alone communicated directly with them throughout the
impeachment imbroglio which made me become the link of communication
between the governor and these members of the state House of Assembly. So, I asked them what do they want and they told me, “we are not against the governor; we are having issues with Titi Oseni (Speaker) and we feel it t is necessary for us to remove her.” They made me realize nobody sponsored the impeachment and they were
not after anybody but just to remove the speaker because of her excesses. I now phoned OGD in UK, and told him I just spoke with these boys and they said they are not against you and that even when you come back they are ready to come and meet you at the airport to show their allegiance to you is still very intact and remain unshaken. We were on phone for almost three hours brainstorming on how to resolve the impasse.  Then later, OGD said he understand they were going to AIT and when I
asked these guys, they told me “no oh.”  They were not the ones but it was Titi that was going to AIT. Then OGD said I hope Ejo o lowo ninu (I hope there is no foul play.)
That was when I mounted more pressure on the Assembly members. I told
them to be sincere with me if they have other plans other than what they’ve told me. It was at that point they asked me to speak with the new Speaker, Hon. Tunji Egbetokun. He now said “Brother Waliu, brother Waliu, there is no problem”. And I asked again, are you prepared to meet the governor when he comes back? They said yes. It was after the conversation with the new Speaker that I told the governor that the coast is clear, he can come back home.
So, he came back on Friday and on Saturday he was at Ijebu Ode to
attend a function. I think Awujale was giving (former Commissioner for Finance Lekan) Bello a chieftaincy title. So, immediately I got to the palace, I saw him and instantly told him we needed to talk. You see some times whenever I am talking to him and he’s proving stubborn, I will ask (his Personal Assistant Soji) Akin-Bankole to call his wife for me. His wife will sit down while talking to him. We normally disagree and if I want to have my way, I will call on his wife, for you to know how deep our relationship was then. So, we went to his house in Ijebu-Ode, Soji was sitting down and we began the meeting.
I said now, in this situation, with all the support you have given to Titi (Speaker), for these guys, 24 out of 26 members to have planned impeachment, and for none of us, not even Titi to know, then it’s a failure on our parts as individuals and collectively. I didn’t want to say it’s a failure on his part because he was the one that said nothing will happened in the state without his knowledge. I told him what we needed to do was that the necessary thing for him to do and it was by letting Titi go in order to gain the confidence of the G24. He asked how do we go about it and I told him that fortunately for us you’ve not spoken with the press since you came back from the UK. I said if the press asks you about what happened just tell them you’ve not been briefed.  Tell them you don’t know what exactly is going on. I told him to be emphatic with the press by telling them it was never in his attitude to intervene in anything happening in the House of Assembly, by this, the public opinion on the matter will be divided. People will be saying may be you know or you don’t know. I told him the perception of the public is what matters to us most and not an individual’s interest.
He agreed with me and that was why he asked the Ogun State Television (OGTV) to release the tape of the whole impeachment process. I can say boldly that it was our conversation that prompted the release of the tape. Those guys were so perfect, the Deputy Speaker gave us wrong impression that he was not inclusive in the impeachment process, not knowing that he was impeached together with Titi. When they were impeaching Titi, they assured him he will not be impeached. So, when they completed Titi’s impeachment, instead of him taking over being the deputy, they cajoled him to hand over to a Speaker Pr- tempore (Hon. Leye Odunjo). He was the one that handed over to Leye Odunjo as Speaker Pro-tempore, so that what they put in place,no one can fault it. Therefore, we had no option but tried to douse the situation. And I also told OGD that he should try as much as possible and ignore the G24 at that moment in as much as they were not after him. I said they will still need you, ignore them.
Thereafter, while we were managing the whole situation, trying to appease the G24, all of a sudden, Aremo Taiwo Alimi went to African Independent Television (AIT) in Lagos accusing them that they were “Ghana must go” Assembly members and that they were being supported and sponsored by the then Speaker of the Federal House of
Representatives, Rt Hon. Dimeji Bankole in Abuja. He blew all this grammar and those guys called me. They said “See oh, you advised us not to go to press, see what they are now talking.” That time Daniel was in UK again. I was also travelling that night too. I now sent a text message to Daniel that the interview granted by Aremo Taiwo Alimi on Kakaaki is not desirable for now. In any case, I am coming to UK and I will see you. He replied me, he said “well I didn’t send anybody to defend us but anybody that is defending us…….”, tactically, he was supporting him (Alimi) and I kept quiet.
I went to United Kingdom (on official trip for FADAMA) and when Daniel came back, the whole brewing crisis blew up; the police arrested the then Chief of Staff, Yomi Majekodunmi with gun. It got beyond what they could handle. Daniel started looking for me, he sent message to me that I should come back. So, I left what I was doing in London, came back and went straight to talk to those aggrieved members, because they have respect for me. They called a meeting, two Federal House of Representative members, Hon. Abiodun Akinlade and Hon. Razaq Adewusi were present at the meeting. The meeting was held in Owode-Yewa with all the State House of Assembly members.
Meanwhile before this meeting, myself, (Ogun State PDP Secretary, Elder Yemi) Akinwonmi and (Ogun State PDP Chairman, Chief) Joju Fadairo went to meet OGD and he asked me to fight with the aggrieved Assembly members. And  I told him we cannot go to war with these boys because fighting with them is like fighting with ourselves. You see, that was the greatest mistake OGD made, fighting against the House of Assembly which is an arm of the same government you are the head is political suicide. OGD called and asked me to bring buses load of protesters from Ogun West to come and protest against them. And I asked, Protest against who? I told him if we do so it means we will be protesting against you as the governor and against ourselves. I said that is not the way to go about it.
Myself, Joju Fadairo and some other top shots later went to Shagamu. When we got to Shagamu, Chief Joju Fadairo, as old as he is, prostrated and begged Governor Daniel not to fight with the Assembly guys. The old man pleaded, we were all begging him not to go to war with the guys because, at that particular time, he had made up his mind to fight back. While begging him, his first response was that he called Chief Joju
Fadiaro “a traitor”, and the old man started crying, weeping profusely, we could not believe what was happening. We were all not happy, we felt so sad with what he said to Chief Fadairo and we left Shagamu disappointed……

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To be continued …

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