Pay-tv service provider, GOtv, is offering subscribers loads of exciting series in the month of April.
Series lovers will be treated to season two of Empire from Friday, April 7 on Fox Life Channel. The season two will pick up three months after Lucious’ shocking arrest and incarceration at the end of last season. Knowing Lucious won’t be held much longer in prison, Cookie and her allies within the Lyon family make a desperate attempt to seize control of the company. But as the Lyons continue to battle each other, a bigger external threat emerges that could force them to unite.
On Discovery Family channel, Raging Nature series brings together extraordinary videos of unbelievable incidents from across the world caused by Mother Nature, showcasing all the action caught on film. Subscribers will witness this awe-inspiring nature footage, featuring swarms, sandstorms, giant hailstones and freak electricity storms. These spectacular events are deconstructed and analysed, providing unique insight into why and how it all happened. Everything will be pieced back together by interviewing the people who were directly involved in the incidents and then bringing in experts to deconstruct what went so wrong. These commentaries are brought to life with advanced CGI reconstruction technology used to give further insight into these stunning events. It will air Sunday 9 April at 6:20pm.
Discovery Family channel will air another series, React to That on 28 April at 7pm as popular YouTube personalities Benny and Rafi take the small screen by storm with a series featuring kids, teens, elders and celebrities reacting to incredible web videos! Based on their ‘React’ series on YouTube, the show features these viewers also participating in showdowns where they take on a challenge based on a video they just watched. From a basketball trick shot to the world record for fastest clapping, these challenges bring a uniquely physical element to the show that’s never been seen in the online version!
Meanwhile, The Son I never knew and the Maid In Manhattan series will continue airing on Telemundo channels.
In The Son I never kne, Robles and Florencia find a note in Ignacio’s bedroom, and Clara takes it to the police. Hans asks Denisse to marry him. Hans orders Denisse and the Bear to get rid of Karina, but Denisse instead leaves her at Father Miguel’s, who takes Karina to a hospital. Karina has a seizure when she sees Antonio.  Manuel tells Antonio that Karina has accused Hans and Denisse of prostituting her and is willing to testify.
While in Maid in Manhattan, Frank passes on Marisa’s idea for winning the Hispanic vote. Tito tells Cristobal about Mr Frost’s report on Victor. Victor expects Cristobal to offer him his job back, but instead gets the offer of a place in rehab. April, Cristobal is rebuffed by Frank when he asks after Marisa and Lalo while April, Sara and Estanislao plot to get rid of Marisa.
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