Fola Ogunkoya: Police dismisses claims of foul play

Fola Ogunkoya
Fola Ogunkoya

The Ogun State Police Command on Monday debunked speculations about foul play in the automobile accident that claimed the life of its anti-robbery chief, Mr. Fola Ogunkoya, on the Shagamu/Abeokuta expressway. Command spokesman, Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi, disclosed that a survivor of the incident, which took place on Saturday is currently recuperating at the Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta with a broken limb.

As the remains of Ogunkoya were being laid to rest in his Ijebu Ode home town on Sunday, speculations were rife it was a bomb planted in his car that detonated to tore both the body and car apart. Additional claims also had it that the car might have been tampered with so it could fall apart at high speed.

But the Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer in an exclusive interview with Uhuru Times dismissed the speculations saying preliminary findings indicate over-speeding and subsequent loss of control of the car as the cause of the accident. “There was nothing like a bomb explosion in or around that car. If there was anything like that, our men would have found fragments of it,” he said.

He explained that: “There are facts not known to many people, which you must understand; none of the car tyre got burst; there was no sharp bend where the accident happened; there was also no pot hole there; Mr. Ogunkoya was the only one in his car, which he lost control of, somersaulted and moved to the other side of the road to hit a Toyota Landcruiser SUV coming towards Abeokuta from Shagamu; the driver of that SUV was also flung out of his vehicle like Mr. Ogunkoya with one of his legs broken into two; he is currently receiving treatment at the Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta.

“After Mr. Ogunkoya’s somersaulting vehicle hit the SUV, the Landcruiser burst into flames because the fuel tank was directly affected and the vehicle burnt to ashes. It is still there by the side of the road. We have no doubt there was no foul play involved. He over-sped and lost control.”

Sources in Abeokuta, where Ogunkoya began his ill-fated journey on Saturday revealed an auto-mechanic delivered the car to him about 40 minutes before the accident. “He was more or less test-driving the car to know if it was okay,” a source volunteered. But he was in company with some friends as he waited for the mechanic and shared drinks with them. After a bout of Hennessy, the drinking party shifted to Guilder, of which the late Ogunkoya took two bottles before he left his friends, some of who are journalists.



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