The suspect, Udoh
The suspect, Udoh

By Olufemi Adediran, Abeokuta

The Ogun State Police Command has arrested a 29-year-old man, Festus Udoh, who raped and killed a 23-year-old serving Youth Corper, Miss Tawose Modupe, in Ogun State.
Tawose had employed the services of the suspect who was working at a driving school as a driving instructor.
Tawose was declared missing last Saturday and after through investigation, the Ogun Police arrested Udoh who confessed of murdering her.
The victim, Tawose
The victim, Tawose
The suspect lured the victim into a forest and carried out the dastardly act. 
The suspect confessed to the police that he lured her into a forest near Abule Ayo in Mawuko village in Odeda local government of the State.
Udoh told the Police and journalists at the crime scene that he killed her because she threatened to inform her parents that she was raped by the suspect.
The State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ahmed Iliyasu, who paraded the suspect at the scene of the crime, said the suspect had confessed to committing the crime.
The Commissioner explained that the Police received complaint of missing person from the State Coordinator of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Mr John Okon and “immediately went into action.”
The suspect, while speaking with journalists confessed  that he dragged the girl into the bush, had sex with her and later strangled her to death.
Narrating how he committed the crime, Udoh said, “After I took her to this place (crime scene), I told her that I wanted to have sex with her, she said no, but I dragged her into the bush and had sex with her. After having sex with her, she said she will tell her family, that was when I tore her cloth and used it to strangle her neck, as she was gasping, I now ran away.”
When asked how he knew her, he said, “I know her from the driving school, where she came to learn driving. She stopped almost a month ago now. My Oga used to send me to give them learners’ permit and I will go and do it at Oke-mosan, a suburb of Abeokuta.”
“So, when I did the learner’s permit, since that time, she did not come to collect the learner’s permit and later on, after a week she now called that she wanted to collect the learner’s permit, I now told her that I was no longer there (driving school) again. Later on she said she would come and collect the learner’s permit , I said  no problem when I am  around I will call her.
“So the day I called her that she should come to Lafenwa, a suburb of Abeokuta and collect the learner’s permit, I said I will do another one for her. So, as she came to Lafenwa. I now told her to follow me that there is a place I will do it for her, so we now entered motor, we took bike to Iberokodo, we dropped at that junction.”
“When we dropped, we started trekking and we  were discussing she now asked ,  is this where we are coming? I said yes, this is where I use to stay, she now followed  me . As we  continued to trek ,  I now told her  that I wanted to have sex with her, she said no, I now said no I will have sex with her, I now dragged  her enter bush and have sex with her after I had sex with her she now told me she would go and tell her family so I now tell her that if she wants  to tell her family I no go gree, I now tear that her cloth and used  it to tie her neck. As  she was breathing like this(gasping)  I ran away”.
When asked how he was arrested , he said, “the following day in the afternoon, the other  corpers  came, they now called my Oga, so my Oga  called  me that I should come and see him at the front of a  church, so when I got there I now saw them (corpers) gathered there, from there they now dragged  me to  Police station in Lafenwa . I  was detained at that Lafenwa station on Sunday till  yesterday (Wednesday) before they took me to State CID”, he said.
While parading the suspect at the crime scene,  Iliyasu, who paraded the suspect, said the Police received complaint of missing person from the coordinator of the NYSC in the state, Mr John Okon, and immediately went into action.
“We went for a powerful technical screening of fact left behind by the last person she made contact with, who is the suspect, we were able to arrest him. We were able to uncover this nefarious act and he led us to this place and confessed. Technically the information led to one person by name Festus Udoh, an indigene of Oromi from Edo state, who was teaching this innocent deceased corper, Taiyese Modupe, how to drive.
“She registered with him in a driving school by name Lizzy driving school in Abeokuta. The man tactically and deceitfully convinced her on Saturday evening that her driving permit is ready. She decided to answer to his call and he cleverly and deceitfully lured this lady and brought her down to this forest where he had a forceful and unlawful canal knowledge of her and thereafter strangled her to death. The passport photographs of the suspect were found at the scene of the incident which is a remarkable scene of crime evidence,” he said.
Journalists met the remains of the victim at the crime scene naked as her jean trousers was half removed while her shirt was torn.
The Commissioner however, told journalists that, the family  of  the deceased had been contacted and called on members of the public to be careful of the kind of persons they are dealing or relating with.
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