COVID-19: ACOMORAN sets up taskforce to enforce compliance of govt.’s directives

Ogun State Chairman of ACOMORAN, Kayode Sowunmi addressing journalists in his office in Abeokuta on Wednesday.



Femi Adeleke




Ogun State Chapter of Amalgamation of Commercial Motorcycle Riders, Owners and Repair Association of Nigeria (ACOMORAN) on Wednesday set up a task force team to enforce the State government directives on the number of passengers motorcyclists should carry.





The State government had on Monday directed all transport unions in the state to enlighten their members on the need to wear nose mask and hand glove.





The government also directed that all taxi cabs should not carry more than three passengers at once, tricycles not more than two passengers and motorcycles not more one passenger.


Addressing journalists in his Abeokuta office on Wednesday, the state Chairman ACOMORAN, Mr. Kayode Sowunmi while distributing nose masks and hand gloves to Okada riders the task force team would arrest any defaulters against the government directives and hand them over to the police.





Sowunmi explained that, the measure was to further protect his members from the spread of pandemic disease, Coronavirus.







He directed all branch chairmen to sensitise their members on the need to comply with the new directives of one passenger and distribute the personal protective equipment.






“As you have observed the way I am dressed, it is quite clear that we have been following the directive of the State government. Immediately the state government gave the directive, as law abiding citizens, we swung into action by sensitising our members. By using of face mask, hand gloves and some other hygienic procedures.

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“We also use hand sanitisers has directed by the state government, you cannot come into any of our offices without using sanitiser. As the state government say we should not carry more than one passenger, it is for our own good.






“We have told all our members to comply with all these directives and we have organised a task force that will enforce this directives. All those who do not comply with the directives will be handed over to the police for necessary actions to be taken on them.”

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