Church sends woman collection notice for unpaid tithes



By Jazmine Denise Rogers

According to ABC Action News, Tampa resident Candace Peterson was shocked when she received a collection notice from the Greater Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Church stating that she will be required to pay $1,000 per year in donations or she won’t be considered a member of the congregation.

“People were really friendly there, and I really enjoyed being there,” Peterson shared.

Ironically, the single mom says that it was a blessing to find Mount Moriah, as she’s been in search of a church home since she moved to the area six months ago. However, this all changed when she received a letter stating that she was behind on payments.

“To be a member in good standing and have the right to vote, adults are to contribute the minimum amount of $50 per month,” read Peterson.

“Fifty dollars per month, now this shocked me because I haven’t heard about the $50 per month. So where did this come from?” asked Peterson. “Then Mount Moriah day is on there, $150.”


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