Rhema Planters Media Inc., a Christian and non-profit organization dedicated to discovering and developing potential media artists through genuine and incorruptible programs; that will take them to stardom through deployment of expertise and professionalism will hold their first film festival in Richmond, Houston Texas, USA.

According to the Founder and CEO of Rhema Planters Media Inc., Revd Folusho Kolawole, “We are preparing for our first Rhema Film Festival, titled “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR” which will take place on June 25th, 2017 at Santikos Palladium Cinema, 7301 W. Grand Pkwy S. Richmond, TX 77407.

“The Theme of the Festival is selected to foster friendly and peaceful coexisting between people of different race, tribe, and religion in our community. This festival is open to international audience”, Rev Kolawole said.

Prior to this event, he disclosed that submitted short films from Filmmakers were shortlisted. The shortlisted short films will be premiered and four winners will emerge from audience’s vote and panel’s selection. The Film deemed (selected, voted, qualified or chosen) as the best will receive a special “Rhema Film Festival Award” and a monetary prize. Awards and monetary prizes will also be given to 2nd, 3rd and 4thpositions accordingly.

Speaking further on the formation of Rhema Planters Media Inc, the Founder said that “Rhema Planters Media Inc was born out of an overtime understanding that ‘Acting out God’s Word’ has a lasting impact on target audience. Having the WORD preached in a visual form creates a mental impact that last a test of time than pulpit preaching. The vision is attested to by the reminiscence and evergreen memories of “ Stage and Television dramas” that we watched while growing up. Ironically, only a few people could remember the last sermon heard.

“We are the PLANTERS that sow the ‘RHEMA’; which is the word of God that needs to be PLANTED in the heart of MEN and allowed to germinate with the help of the Holy Spirit.  However, this understanding establishes the fact that planting the ‘WORD’ is not all that there is to it but making sure that it comes alive. So the effectiveness of this vision gave birth to our guiding Vision.

“At the conception of RPMI, the professionalism embedded in our works have gradually attracted the attention and encouragements of other aspects of the media which is not limited to Christian film production but documentaries, jingles, promos especially advertising and commercials.


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