Adebutu tasks politicians on Nigeria’s unity

Hon. Oladipupo Adebutu
Olufemi Adediran
A former member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Oladipupo Adebutu has charged Nigerian politicians to work for the unity of Nigeria irrespective of their political affiliations.
According to him, the project of “one Nigeria” should be the priority of every politician, insisting that the interest of their political parties must not override that of the country.
Adebutu who represented Sagamu, Ikenne and Remo North Federal Constituency at the 8th National Assembly spoke at an event, organised to present his scorecard to members of his constituency.
Adebutu said, “We must have a unity of purpose. We must believe in Nigeria. As a nation, Nigeria, the things that divide us are not enough to separate us. I strongly believe in one Nigeria.”
“And to have one Nigeria, we must start building blocks which are the States, we must build our States to the highest level of specification for good governance.
“Politics is service, I have done my bit, the fact that we are not from the same political party does not mean that good governance should not continue”, Adebutu added.
The former lawmaker while giving his scorecard, said he sponsored over 27 motions and bills. 
Some of these bills and motions, he said are: “a bill for an Act to amend the EFFC (establishment Act 2004) and other related matters, a bill for an Act to amend the National Agricultural Land Development Authority Act 1992 and other related matters, a bill for an Act to protect indigenous film makers and film production 2017 and other related matters and a bill for an Act to establish the Rural Electrification Agency for the promotion, funding, management and regulation of rural electrification.”
Adebutu said during his stay at the National Assembly, he made impact across the three local government areas that he represented at the House of Representatives. 
“I have several bills that are painfully in limbo, some are in the second reading stage despite and it is possible these bills will die there.
“One bill that is important to me but unfortunately did not go through the process of finality is the bill for an Act to amend the National Agricultural Land Development Authority Act 1992 and other related matters.
“One of the failings today is that the process of obtaining Certificate of Ownership (CofO) of land is so tedious. If a farmer or an entrepreneur has no CofO or other land titles that will qualify him to access funds and loans, the truth is that there is great incapacitation. 
“Because of this, I pursued a bill for a registry, a registry of lands, so even without a CofO, a farmer can say this is my registry, I stand by it and I give a guarantee of such.
“Therefore, a farmer that wants to obtain a loan can have easy access to such through the registry of land in place of his CofO.
“We must create a way to make money available for our entrepreneurs. If our famers have titles to their land that they can use as collaterals they will have easy access to loans.”
“I strived hard to ensure that the bill for the creation of the land registries goes through but it is so painful to me that the bill didn’t go through because the bill is still in limbo.”
On this note, Adebutu called on the Akarigbo of Remoland, Oba Babatunde Ajayi to appeal to the current House Representatives representing Sagamu, Ikenne and Remo North Federal constituency, Hon. Onanuga Adewunmi Oriyomi not to abandon some of the bills he (Adebutu) sponsored but that are still in the process of …..
“Baba Akarigbo, I beg you to call our current House of Representative member, he shouldn’t allow these bills to die. I will give him all the support he needs so that the good works can continue.”
In his remarks, Akarigbo of Remoland, Oba Babatunde Ajayi described Adebutu’s records at the Green Chamber as “unprecedented and trailblazing.”
“It shows a character to give your stewardship after you have left office. I want to say its a tribute to hardwork, resilience and sacrifice,” Oba Ajayi remarked.
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